Don’t Let Food Stains Get You Down

Everyone has to eat, and that means getting food stains on your clothes is inevitable at some point. Food stains are also common on upholstered furniture and carpet. Let’s face it. Food is just messy. OxiClean products are powerful stain removers formulated to fight food stains safely and effectively.

A Powerful Food Stain Remover for All

Whether you’re enjoying an ice cream cone on the boardwalk, a burger on your back deck, spaghetti marinara, or a French dip sandwich, it’s easy to acquire a food stain. If you have children, you’re probably amazed at how prone they are to acquiring food stains, often enormous ones. Your kids may even wipe a food stain on you! Ever had chocolate cake on your shoulder or the side of your skirt? You likely have if you parent a toddler.

Life is messy. You need a reliable food stain remover no matter what gustatory concoction has soiled your clothes.

The trick to removing food stains is breaking down the stain and separating it from clothing fibers. You need a product that targets the proteins, grease, fat, and thickeners found in foods and goes to work.

OxiClean™ is formulated to target food stains, lift them from fabrics, and rinse them away. With OxiClean™ on your side, you can tackle even the toughest food stains without fear.