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I have an expensive couch that my 3-year old son decided to use as a canvas. I used the Oxi Clean to get the stains out and now it looks absolutely looking clean and new


Have never seen a product work so great and the smell is so fresh and clean,100% ♡


I found some old pillow cases and covers that had turned so yellow sitting in my old cupboards that I had decided to throw them out, until I spotted OxiClean sitting on the counter. I read the directions, OMG, my cases are clean and bright. Thank You Oxi Clean.


After 5 years of love and never being left behind my kid’s favourite toy buddy was in serious need of some help... We did a 5hr soak and then a run through the washer and dryer. Can't believe the difference! My daughter was so worried her toy would lose all his colour and be ruined so glad that oxiclean helped so well.


My oldest daughter Shanaya loves to wear bright, fun socks. Knowing her love for them she had mentioned a specific pair of white knee socks with pink trim that she left behind with one of her friends in high school. I was able to surprise her with them but couldn’t believe how stained they were with grass and mud! But unbelievably after one wash with OxiClean these tough stains were GONE. We thank you for saving her socks!


I've recently used Oxiclean on my bedroom comforter. A small splash of my drink fell on the comforter and I thought it would stain. After using Oxiclean, it's good as new!


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